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When To Prune Hemlocks If you find that you need to prune your hemlock tree, the best time for trimming hemlocks is in either spring or early summer. At this time, the tree is getting ready for or is already in active growth and will recover quickly from any hemlock pruning that needs to be done.

Sep 08, Larry, hemlocks will tolerate light shearing, or"topping". You should wait a few months before doing this to be sure the trees are"dormant".

Sharpening stone for shears or pruning saw.

If you cut them now, you may get a new flush of growth which will be susceptible to frost or freeze shrubclearing.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Sep 21, The purpose of pruning is to remove dead and diseased wood, shape the tree and improve its health. Prune hemlock trees in late winter or early spring, right before growth begins. This will result in the least amount of damage to the tree. Hemlocks are large, graceful trees known for their pyramid-like shape and drooping branches.

Aug 30, Winter Park commissioners will require permits for trees that don’t fall under a new state law that allows homeowners to prune, trim or remove a tree that is deemed “dangerous."Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

When to Trim It is best to trim and prune hemlocks in early spring or late winter before the active growth period begins, trimming only what is necessary. Hemlocks will sprout vigorous new growth. Nov 04, Avoid pruning the tree from July to early September. You need to have the appropriate tools for pruning hemlocks. Hemlocks can bear it better than other narrowleaf evergreen trees. For pruning, use sharpened tools, prune in such a way that the dead branch is.

Wait until spring to conduct an overall pruning to shape the hemlock or maintain it as a sheared hedge. The University of Rhode Island simply states to prune in spring, but the American Horticultural Society's"A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants" explicitly recommends waiting until midsummer to prune.

So hands off until early Spring. Then I'd give serious thought to just trimming the sides back a bit every Spring. Lee feels that hemlocks can take pruning better than most evergreen plants, but if they are standard trees, the trunks are still going to grow to their normal size, and keeping the tops short could eventually make them look very weird.

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